Dubbing & Voice-over

Dubbing & voice-over for a seamless transition to another language.

  • Feature films, series, video games, interactives, etc.The dubbing department is involved at each state of the production process (until the final copy). We have a rigorous selection process that ensures the quality of the actors and the translators.
  • Advertising.We provide dubbing and subtitling services for commercials (spots for television, film & radio), and for industrial and corporate videos.

Closed captioning & subtitling

Do you prefer your production retain its original language? You dont want your sound to be modified? Then subtitling is your option.

We can do it for you in any language! Working with the best translators, we will make your creation understandable all over the world without any modifying.

We create and insert subtitles in any language. Ask us for a test and request your budget.


Drv Studio specialises in post-production audio, dubbing, original music, mixing and mastering.

Our studio uses both Stereo and Dolby 5.1 sound systems.

  • We provide quality audio for film, television, radio, documentaries, animation, video games, advertising and corporate videos using Foley Sounds and Special Effects.
  • Sound design
  • Mixing and mastering in Stereo and Dolby 5.1

Audio books

The next step of reading. The spoken book.

We take advantage of the possibilities offered by new technologies in the field of information and content dissemination. Let us give voice to your books, we are specialists in it.


We are equipped with the latest digital technology in the market:

  • Pro Tools HD3 V.8 with the most complete collection of plug-ins for sound processing, Digidesign C 24 control with fully automatic mixing, Genelec and Tannoy monitors, and Neumann microphones.
  • Moreover, our transfer room is equipped with all audio and video formats, such as Digital BTC, BTC SP, DAT, Mini-disc, Blu-Ray DVD etc for any type of conversions, copies and dump files.