About us

Sobre nosotros

We are a team of professional actors, announcers and sound technicians who have worked on numerous productions. Now, we want to give a fresh appearance to dubbing.

We want your production to sound different and make it distinct. We take a new approach without losing quality or professionalism. And overall, we maintain a competitive edge, working within our client’s budgets in these times of crisis.

Somos un equipo de actores profesionales que hemos dado voz a numerosas producciones apoyandonos en la mas moderna tecnologia. Queremos que tu roduccion hable el idioma que necesites sin que pierda calidad ni matices y adaptandonos a la nueva situacion economica actual.


Podemos ofrecerte cualquier idioma al precio mas competitivo y sin mermar la calidad.

Servicio de 24 horas

We provide 24/7 service. Using our own state of the art facilities in Argentina, Brazil & Spain, we also have recording studio partners all over the world. Ask for the language you want and we will get it. We want to be your global provider and solve your audiovisual problems.

Ofrecemos servicio de doblaje las 24 horas. Nuestros estudios en Argentina y Es

What do we do

Our commitment to our customers is to offer a wide range of possibilities within the audio industry: