About us

About us

We are a team of professional actors, announcers and sound technicians who have worked on numerous productions. Now, we want to give a fresh appearance to dubbing.

We want your production to sound different and make it distinct. We take a new approach without losing quality or professionalism. And overall, we maintain a competitive edge, working within our client’s budgets in these times of crisis.

24 hours work

There are news that can not wait, television never stops, information never rests, and we adapt to that! Our teams work 24 hours a day to be always alert and at your disposal.

News channels in multiple languages, we are your best option in any language and at any time.

What do we do

Our commitment to our customers is to offer a wide range of possibilities within the audio industry:

Dubbing of feature films, series, video games, interactives, etc.

The dubbing department is involved at each state of the production process (until the final copy). We have a rigorous selection process that ensures the quality of the actors and the translators.


We provide dubbing and subtitling services for commercials (spots for television, film & radio), and for industrial and corporate videos.


Mixes in 5.1 for feature films, short films and documentaries for film, television & DVD.


We create soundtracks for feature films, short films, documentaries & audiovisual.